Romantic New Music Vid Persephone

I started writing the song Persephone when I was in my early twenties — and finally finished it nearly two decades later. I was afraid of success and the pressures of my conservative, religious culture. But then something pulled me from the underworld of fear and uncertainty — lifting me to the fire, passion and eternal possibilities of Real Love.

persephone heart.jpg

My album Honey Valentine was designed for an evening for your lover — and Persephone is one of the tracks in the collection. You can get Honey Valentine on iTunes or Spotify.

Persephone is one of my most remixed songs all over the world and internet — and was actually my first remix on ccMixter! I’ve shared this pell under a CC BY license — so you can remix or use Persephone in your creation if you Attribute me — download the stems for Persephone HERE).

A very special word of gratitude to Kara Square for her beautiful video production. Thank you Kara!!