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Madam’s Mission


Music reaches us like nothing else. It is that place deep in your soul Snowflake is seeking to ignite — with passion. Passion for nature and our planet, for awakening our consciousness, and for aligning our actions today with a harmonious future. Snowflake’s music transports us into the present moment, where we unlock the gate to our higher selves — where anything is possible. As she aptly states, “What wiill you do? The Earth is burning!”



Ethereal. Soulful. Mysterious. Madam Snowflake is changing the world with her music — saving our planet and evolving our collective consciousness as she sings her message. Snowflake's voice evokes something we can't describe, but so powerful that producers, DJs, videomakers, and creators around the globe are compelled to interact with her lyrics and melodies. Through open collaboration with other musicians, Snowflake is topping charts, is featured in thousands of YouTube videos, and can be found serenading the very biggest festivals in the world. 

Snowflake (Emily Richards) is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer who has broken new ground for music since her early days at in 1998 -- where she was one of the first artists in the world to ever make her music available for free download and streaming. She led a musical revolution at, and then took open music to an even more evolutionary level at -- where she shares her vocal and musical stems in lossless form (more than 200 original pieces of music), under Creative Commons licenses.

Madam Snowflake has released 16 albums -- 12 under her given name Emily Richards, 3 under Snowflake & ccMixter, and now her new 2018 release, "Honey Valentine".  Madam has headlined multiple world tours and her music has been downloaded more than 3 million times.

Perhaps as important as her art is her activism. Madam Snowflake is a passionate environmentalist, from working in organic school gardens to living zero-waste; from eating a plant-based diet to driving an electric car powered by solar panels; from organizing beach clean-ups to leading meditation and yoga retreats.  Snowflake believes each step makes a difference, and that opening our collective hearts with awareness will enable humanity to continue to find more harmonious ways to live -- together and with all other beings. 

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