Heaven in a Flower

california poppies superbloom.jpg

Hubby and I visited California’s magical Superbloom this week. There are no words! I stood there in peaceful silence, drinking in this vast spendor — gaining deeper understanding of Buddha’s silent Flower Sermon.

Buddha gave many sermons as an enlightened Teacher, but during one of his sermons he did not speak a single word, and simply contemplated the beauty of a flower in stillness. It is said that upon seeing this, his disciple Mahakasyapa was immediately enlightened.

The flower was a lotus, known for its great beauty, but also unique in that it requires thick mud and muck for its roots to grow. It is because of this thick muck — not in spite of it — that the beautiful lotus emerges and blooms.

Beauty can arise from suffering (mud and muck), and flowers can be the result — when we transform our suffering into compassion, understanding and love.

My song Shambala is about finding beauty in a world sometimes shrouded in darkness.


Make a Change New Music Vid


When I think of our kids and the planetary issues that will be facing them in adulthood, well, it can make my heart sink. So I dig down deep, and remember each change we make in our own lives impacts the collective consciousness. That’s what my song “Make a Change” is all about! This video took several months to make — there were scenes that were so emotionally tough to finish. But I learned through the process about accepting what is — to then be the change. Namaste.