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Earth is Burning 

Video Attribution



Globe on Fire -


Crying Eye -


Syria Aerial Drone-


Sky with Cloud Layers -


Sunset Meditation by YuNu CC BY -


Apocalyptic Planet -


Fire Explosion -


City Alone -


Handshake by marti_A_n CC BY -


Blue Light Streaks


Forest Floor Tilt Up -


Flying Gannet Bird -


Brushfire On Hillside -


Cow & Calf


Woman Thinking


Lonely Young Man


Zen Wave Exercise


Selma March


Father & Son Planting Tree


Feet Walking Dirt Road


Wind Energy


Solar Panels


Burned Ojai Mountains

Madam Snowflake


India Boy Flood Victim


Burning Earth


Polar Bear & Cubs


Young man taking hand of elderly woman


Native American Monument Valley


Man And Horse Walking


Happy diverse group


Beach Clean-Up Voiunteers


Walking Bicycles


Father & son push wheelbarrow


Earth Turning